Spring/Summer 2021 — here's a first look at what's just landed

Ready for Spring/Summer 2021 we've added three colours to our Clifton suitcase collection. Inspiration hasn’t always been easy to find over the last 12 months, with almost constant change amidst little movement. We turned our attention to the sky that unites us, and curated a palette to welcome in a promising new era.

First up, a fresh lilac, reminiscent of a hopeful new dawn. 

Antler new Clifton suitcases in lilac

Image of Antler Clifton suitcase in grey with model

Next, a deep navy, inspired by the midnight sky. Shop the Clifton suitcases in cabin, medium and large in navy. 

Antler luggage new Clifton suitcases in navy

Antler luggage new Clifton suitcase colours in navy and grey

And finally, a soft, architectural grey, like the moon. Shop Clifton luggage in grey here

New grey Clifton luggage from Antler

Image of Antler Clifton suitcase in grey being held by a male model, with a female model sitting on steps in front

The campaign invokes the spirit of curiosity that has lain dormant this past year of travel lockdown. We celebrate those who yearn for new perspectives, new landscapes and new horizons. A juxtaposition of metropolitan structure, urban textures and wide-open skies awakens a sense of discovery.  

Shop the full Clifton collection here.

Two models stand with a medium Antler case in grey and a cabin size Antler case in navy

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